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May 23, 2017





So, is it normal to have vaginal discharge?

Yes!! it is normal to have vaginal discharge. However, it is important to distinguish between your normal discharge and abnormal vaginal discharge.

During puberty the vagina produces discharge that is normal. This discharge is mostly water and also contains good bacteria. This normal discharge is the body's natural way to keep the genital area clean and healthy by removing dead cells from the lining of the vagina. Your discharge may change throughout the menstrual cycle has changes in hormone levels may affect it.


How do I know if my discharge is normal? 

Normal vaginal discharge is clear to white and without a noticeable odor. It is normal to have a slight odor, however, if the odor is pungent or strong and persistent, this may indicate a


n infection or other problem. Also, if the consistency of the vaginal discharge has changed from your baseline or is more than usual, it is important to see your GYN for an evaluation.


How can your body keep your vagina healthy?

Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for female physical features and reproduction. It also keeps the vaginal wall thick and encourages growth of lactobacilli in the vagina. Lactobacilli is bacteria that keeps the vagina slightly acidic. This acidity protects the vagina from harmful, disease-causing microorganisms and keeps yeast and other microorganisms from growing out of control.


Bottom Line: Not all vaginal discharge is abnormal. See you GYN if you are experiencing any abnormal vaginal discharge/odor/irritation.


Next week: The two most common vaginal infections and the risks for developing then. Also, what may cause vaginal dryness.


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